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home, homelessness, orphanage, Serhii Zhadan, binary opposition, hybrid warfare.

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This article examines the novel of the famous Ukrainian writer Serhii Zhadan «ORPHANAGE» (2017) in terms of the implementation of the binary opposition «home / homelessness». The novel is written in travel genre and covers the events of the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation in Donbass. It is the theme of the war and the genre of the work that creates the ground for the image of the characters outside their home: sometimes being homeless is not knowing whose side of the war your home is on. The article reveals the specifics of the topic of homelessness in a hybrid war in Ukraine using the intertextual research method. Paratextual analysis is involved: the meaning of the title of the novel, annotation, other extra-textual superstructures for revealing new meanings of the text in the discourse of the researched topic is analyzed. In particular, the linguistic material is partially analyzed taking into account the bilingual population of Donbass. Intertextual connections with the Bible, works by F. Dostoevskii, M. Bulgakov, intermediate components, etc. are revealed.


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The image of the title page can be viewed at the link: <Інтернат_(роман)

Zaharchenko, Tanya (2019) The Synchronous War Novel: Ordeal of the Unarmed Person in Serhiy Zhadan's Internat / Slavic Review, Volume 78, Issue 2, Summer 2019 , pp. 410-429

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