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distributed circuits, multipole, three-phase electric circuits, transients, interphase connections, cables.

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Lobodzinskiy , V., Chybelis , V., Petruchenko , O., Illina , O., Chunyak , Y., & Babenko , V. (2021). FEATURES OF TRANSIENT RESEARCH IN THREE-PHASE HIGH-VOLTAGE POWER TRANSMISSION CABLE LINES. ГРААЛЬ НАУКИ, (6), 135-148. https://doi.org/10.36074/grail-of-science.25.06.2021.025


The methods of analysis of transients in three-phase circuits with distributed parameters and interphase connections are considered on the basis of representation of such circuits by multipoles, finding their corresponding concentrated parameters and determination of boundary and initial conditions of transients. The formulation of this scientific problem is justified by the current trend in theoretical electrical engineering to consider multiphase circuits as a series-parallel connection of different n-poles, which improves the calculation of transient electromagnetic
processes in multiphase circuits with distributed parameters and interphase connections. Using the
theory of multipoles allows us to represent the elements of the electric circuit by macromodels that
reflect their external connections and the impact on the rest of the circuit. The main difficulty in
applying this principle is to resolve emerging electromagnetic bonds.



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