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blood preasure; electrocardiogram; photoplethysmogram; systolic blood preasure; diastolic blood preasure.

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Viunytskyi, O., Shulgin, V., Totsky, A., & Sharonov, V. (2021). CUFF-LESS MEASUREMENT OF BLOOD PRESSURE BY USING NEURAL NETWORKS. ГРААЛЬ НАУКИ, (6), 160-163.


This article attempts to consider a new approach to continuous measurement of blood pressure (BP), based on the pulse propagation time between two points of a blood vessel (PTT). The measuring of PTT based on the signal processing and analysis of the electrocardiogram (ECG), photoplethysmogram (PPG). The PTT-based blood pressure estimation algorithms, used by most authors, suggest their individual calibration for each patient. More flexible is a different approach - the use of machine learning. It is especially noted that the use of machine learning reduce the error in blood pressure measuring.


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