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FECG; NI-FECG; wavelet-bispectrum; abdominal signal; QRS-complexes;

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Viunytskyi, O., Shulgin, V., Totsky, A., & Sharonov, V. (2021). FETAL QRS-COMPLEXES DETECTECTIONS IN ABDOMINAL SIGNAL BY USING WAVELET-BISPECTRUM. ГРААЛЬ НАУКИ, (6), 164-169. https://doi.org/10.36074/grail-of-science.25.06.2021.028


Fetal hypoxia or distress is a physical stress experienced by a fetus due to a lack of oxygen. Intrauterine hypoxia and the resultant perinatal brain damages may lead to extraordinary effects, including continuous lifelong treatments. One of the ways for detecting symptoms of hypoxia is monitoring of the fetus heart activity. At present, the basic method of monitoring the condition of unborn baby is the ultrasound cardiotocography (CTG). Considerably more information for early detection of the fetal hypoxia may be obtained by analyzing fetal electrocardiogram (FECG).



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