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COVID-19 language teaching, MS Office, e-learning platforms, digital skills, language department

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Navrotska , I., Pavliuk , A., Kalynovska , I., & Kuzhel , I. (2021). ONLINE LANGUAGE TEACHING EFFICIENCY IN COVID-19 ENVIRONMENT. ГРААЛЬ НАУКИ, (6), 220-225.


The article represents the results of the survey conducted among the group of university and high school teachers to establish the specific tendencies in online language teaching and learning within the COVID 19-affected environment. The study hypothesis presupposed verification of the thesis that language learning needs adjustment to new circumstances. During 2020-2021, the major platform adopted by Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University has been MS Office. It provided the participants of learning process with necessary tools such as calendar planning, lecture and seminar moderation, data submission and storage as well as assessment options and statistics. Incorporating the platform required tutorials for teachers since there were certain issues with registration and running the MS Office programme on various gadgets. At the initial stages alternatives were allowed to be used for online classes. The survey was conducted and analysed by means of quantitative and descriptive methods and on the basis of continuous academic discussions. It was concluded that the teachers treated the challenges of new learning environment differently. Namely, the respondents were invited to rate the general effectiveness of constant online language or language related subject learning, characterise institutional support, specify the prioritised digital platform and share feedback regarding their satisfaction with the educational process within late 2020 – first half of 2021. The majority of the respondents denoted the satisfactory effectiveness of online English language system. The educational institution was reported to provide sufficient support on distant learning platforms. Roughly one third of the answers pointed at the use of several distant learning platforms. Zoom has been defined as the main teachers’ preference probably due to simplicity of installation and running flexibility on various gadgets for both sides. The most burning issues of online learning during the COVID-19 period were associated with internet connection and access.


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