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Shymanovska-Dianich, L., & Nishant, R. (2021). SUSTAINABILITY OR PROFITABILITY. InterConf, (49), 88-104.


To save the world, few have gone overboard for the small few who rule this world to listen. With the current situation in the pollution levels, causing dangerous ripples across the world, it is not hard to believe for our late realizations to the pandemic of the world. The darkest pandemic of the world is not SARS or COVID-19 but something far worse that the world has chosen to ignore for our selfish needs, Profitability. The world is still trying to understand this global phenomenon of sustainability and its wide reach areas of benefits. Current major plans for sustainability are all focusing on how to make enough food for the growing population and the drinking water which is only 1% in the world. In the 2005 World Summit over Social Development, three goals were set forth, that is for economic development, social development, and environmental protection. A major issue that Sustainability is facing is since people are still confused at the thought of "What is sustainability?" Even though the government has taken steps to write sustainability reports, it has been hard for them to implement them in real life.


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