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Tkachenko, E., Goujili, O., Aouass, Y., Azakak, Y., Hahou, M., & Sartipi, H. (2021). TO THE QUESTION ABOUT FOREIGN STUDENTS’ SOCIAL ADAPTATION IN RELATION TO HUMAN TYPOLOGICAL ASPECTS. InterConf, (52), 322-330.


The article touches the questions on UMSA foreign students various adaptation to study and influencing factors: managing the foreign languages, education type (remote and non-remote), human individual peculiarities (dependently on belonging to typologies in part country, gender, interhemispherical asymmetry individual profile, temperament type), psychological atmosphere in the academic group, health condition. The authors emphasize the necessity to create optimal conditions for educating maximal individualization that is impossible without typological aspects taking into account. There are some recommendations on such an education individualization creating on the base of own experience in the article.


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