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Makharynska, O., Borysova, Y., Oktiabrova, I., & Shokalo, I. (2021). ANABOLICSTEROIDS THERAPY AS A TRIGGER OF CONDUCTION DISORDERS IN ATHLETES. InterConf, (58), 178-186.


The high prevalence of WPW syndrome among young people dictates the relevance of this topic studying. In the register of causes of sudden cardiac death among athletes, the proportion of this syndrome is about 1%. The frequency of SCD in professional sportsmen cluster of population, according to various authors, varies from 2.3 to 6.5 cases per 100 thousand active athletes that in 2.4 times higher than in the general population.On example of the clinical case demonstrated in this article the importanceof a precise examination of athletes and amateurs, withdetected WPW phenomenon/syndrome, regardless of presencesymptoms, especially on continuous anabolic steroids therapy background. Therefore, it is necessary to control not only the physical activity of people involved in sports, but also the use of pharmacological drugs in preparation for competitions.


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