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Guyvan, P. (2021). TEMPORAL FACTORS OF APPLICATION OF CIVIL LIABILITY. InterConf, (75), 120-128. https://doi.org/10.51582/interconf.19-20.09.2021.015


The paper considers this type of legal relationship in the context of its relationship with such a legal phenomenon as a protective legal relationship. The defining thesis is that civil liability is an important, but not the only element of the protective relationship. After all, the application of measures to counteract various risks and threats that entail violations of subjective rights, by bringing offenders to civil responsibility, ensures the effective restoration of rights and adequate compensation to victims. At the same time, the principles of introducing negative consequences for the violator are not necessarily based on deprivation of the violator of material goods. They are based on the integrated application of measures, including those that have an operational and preventive effect and, strictly speaking, are not responsible. The article also analyzes in detail the theoretical position on the mandatory use of coercion in bringing the offender to justice, and criticizes this thesis. State coercion through a court decision has been shown to be an effective but not mandatory element of the protective relationship that arises between the victim and the offender. The possibility of realization of the protective requirement by voluntary fulfillment by the debtor, and thus, satisfaction of protection requirements is clearly shown. The paper also distinguishes between the concepts of civil offense and violation of law. After all, a violation of a subjective right can be caused not only by actions that qualify as civil offenses, but also by others that do not have such signs. In this regard - the violation of the law is a broader term that covers the consequences of various phenomena, including offenses, is a definite result.



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