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Tsiavea, F. (2021). TEACHERS’ OPINIONS ABOUT THE NEED TO APPLY SOCIAL WORKERS TO SCHOOL UNITS. InterConf, (86). вилучено із https://ojs.ukrlogos.in.ua/index.php/interconf/article/view/16134


The research aims in investigating the teachers’ opinions about the need to apply social workers to school units of general and special education, in order to prevent social inclusion of educational pupils with special needs. The sample is consisted of a total of 120 both general and special education teachers. The questionnaire was distributed online, using a Google form. According to the results as for the teachers’ opinions about social workers, they occasionally know the status of a social worker. Also, they agree more that the role of a social worker is reassuring, supportive and advisory, however the participants support more that student and teacher counseling is an important field, that social workers can contribute to. Furthermore, most of the teachers strongly disagree that the role of the social worker within the school can have a negative effect on their educational role. Lastly, they agree on a higher level that the student counseling is an activity that corresponds to the role of social workers. Furthermore, the majority of the participants agree that the social workers would help with the schools’ problems, but occasionally they seek the help of a social worker or psychologists to deal with a problem of one of their students. Also, they mostly believe that social workers should do an intervention at the request of the teacher and focus mainly on the disagreements between teachers and students or professional



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