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Tyshchenko, T., Pashkevich, K., Tereshchenko, A., & Verzhykivska, A. (2021). CHILDREN`S BOOK ILLUSTRATION AND INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY. Збірник наукових праць ΛΌГOΣ.


The paper considers ways to combine multimedia technologies with children's book illustration, namely:
1. Animation of illustrations or its parts,
2. sound effects that are activated when interacting with the illustration,
3. integration of AR-technologies,
4. Adding mini-games to book applications.
It was found that the inclusion of interactive technologies can be used to create new art forms, encourage learning or draw the attention of the readers to existing works of literature through a new, interactive form. It is established that children's illustration under the influence of design trends and mass culture acquires signs of animation, simplified, symbolic forms.


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