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Bakirov , D., & Filonenko , O. (2021). SCIENCE, LAW, ART, THEIR FEEDBACK. Збірник наукових праць ΛΌГOΣ.


A certain form of life creates itself through people whose ways of knowing and
codes of conduct are attuned to an order of complexity that is bent on its involuntary
reprodu ction. My aim is to show that consciousness is a ‘strange loop’ of two social
processes the abstraction of language and the expansion of law. The hypothesis is this:
abstraction of language and expansion of law invite humanity into increasingly creative
forms of life because abstraction attracts our attention to higher perspectives from which
things are seen as having ‘more to say’ as partakers in more complex conversations,


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Wittgenstein, Ludwig. (1922). Tractatus logico-philosophicus. Original German is “Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt”. Considering the import of bedeuten, the phrase can also be translated as “The limits of my language define the limits of my world”. Wittgenstein elsewhere said that “The limits of my language are the limits of my mind. All I know is what I have words for”

Sapolsky, Robert. (2017). Behave. Page 429. Sapolsky speaks of Dunbar’s number. The original paper is this: Dunbar, R. I. M. (1992). "Neocortex size as a constraint on group size in primates". Journal of Human Evolution. 22 (6): 469–493. doi:10.1016/0047-2484(92)90081-J.

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