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Theoretical and methodological approaches to the formation of a modern system of enterprises, organizations and institutions’ development (1st ed.)

Editor in Chief: Shneider B.
Scientific Editor: Dr. Rockler J.
Сompilers: Adamovski H. & Heltsmith B.

Authors of the monograph:
Aksonova I. – Ph.D. (Economics)
Opikunova N.
Andriienko A. – Ph.D. student
Pavlenko S. – Ph.D. (Military Sciences)
Bilovodska O. – D. Sc. (Economics)
Petkevych A.
Bozhanova V. – D.Sc. (Economics)
Prychepa I. - Ph.D (Economics)
Brovko O. – Ph.D. (Economics)
Rayevnyeva O. - D.Sc. (Economics)
Burliai O. – Ph. D.
Sadovnichenko O.
Butenko O. – Ph.D. (Economics)
Semenyuk I. – Ph.D.
Butsyk R.- Ph.D.
Shpatakova O. – Ph.D. student
Chubukova O. – D. Sc. (Economics)
Shypulina Y.- D.Sc. (Economics)
Danilkova S. - Ph.D. (Economics)
Shyshak A. – Ph.D. student
Derykhovska V. – Ph.D. (Economics)
Smertenyuk I. – Ph.D. student
Galushko O.
Smetaniuk O. - Ph.D (Economics)
Illyashenko S.- D.Sc. (Economics)
Sokol K.- Ph. D.(Economics)
Karpenko V. – D.Sc. (Agriculture)
Stolyarchuk V. - Ph.D. (Engineering),
Kononova O. – Ph.D.
Synenko O.- Ph.D (Ecomomics)
Kuzmenko O. – Ph.D. student
Tymchenko N. – Ph.D. (Economics)
Mahnachova N. – Ph.D.
Vitiuk A. - Ph.D (Economics)
Markovych I. – Ph.D. (Economics)
Voievoda N. - Ph.D. (Engineering)
Marynchak Y. - Ph.D.
Yevsieiv V. – Ph.D. (Military Sciences)
Mynko O.
Zalievska-Shyshak A. – Ph.D. (Economics)
Nepochatenko O. – Ph.D.

Publisher: Primedia eLaunch LLC | ISBN: 978-1-64669-378-8 

Published: 2019-12-20

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Methodological principles of setting up the system of economic entities activity

Optimization and increasing the efficiency of public administration institutions

Organization and regulation of the activity of international economic relations

Planning, control and accounting of economic activity

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