• Olena Oliinyk
  • Valentyna Klymova
  • Nataliia Matsokina
  • Natalia Zavhorodnia


The relevance of the study covered in the work is primarily connected with the introduction of changes in modern education, and provides an opportunity to explore the process of creating an individual professional trajectory of the teacher in the innovative educational environment. The main objective of this study is to determine ways of formation of an individual professional trajectory of the development of a teacher in an innovative educational environment. The paper proposes a concept according to which the implementation of an innovative strategy for the organization of methodical work in the pedagogical college will not only contribute to the formation of professional competence of teachers, but also ensure the
construction of an individual trajectory of professional growth of each teacher. The solution of this problem will allow teachers to focus on the constant search for optimal forms, methods and techniques of didactic interaction, aimed at continuous improvement of their own intellectual and methodological level. The study was done on the basis of the Communal Institution «Pokrovsk Pedagogical College». In the process of the study the necessity of providing change of type of pedagogical thinking from reproductive to productive, from the setting for passing knowledge to an independent purposeful construction of educational dialogue, ability to self-expression and creativity; self-realization, moral and professional self-improvement was justified


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