The article examines the linguistic and non-linguistic aspects of translation, certain components of translation activity and their relationship. It specified features of the translation process, taking into account its linguistic and non-linguistic aspects. Particular attention is paid to the role of background knowledge and the correct understanding of the subject situation in the translation process, the stylistic components of modeling text translation systems are emphasized. The article highlights the interpretation of a number of concepts of modern cognitive semantics. The semantic characteristics of metaphorical and phraseological units are investigated.
The article discusses the specificity of translation of certain categories of vocabulary, the compatibility of words in the translation process, the features of translation of stable phrases, methods of reproduction of phraseological units, translation of figurative phraseological units, metaphors. Special attention is paid to the expressive transformation of phraseological units and their reflection in translation.
Formal-meaningful transformations with a pragmatic component as a change in the form and content of units in the text, text fragments in order to balance the pragmatic impact of translation on its reader (phraseological, figurative, conceptual, axiological, metatextual) play an essential role in modern translation studies.
The concept of the communicative purpose of the text, the transfer of the stylistic coloring of words, expressive concretization while translating into the native language, pragmatic adaptation of the text are investigated. Special attention is paid to words expressing specific concepts and to their translation into the native language; historical and extralinguistic factors in the selection of the means of their translation are also stressed in the article.


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Oksana Bovkunova, Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара

викладач кафедри англійської мови для нефілологічних спеціальностей


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