The article analyzes the results of a comprehensive study of a modern ethnopolitical processes in Europe and their impact on European security. In the context of its dynamic reveals that there is a strong connection between ethnic and political confrontation of individual groups. The article highlights the ethnic and political specificity and nature of conflicts in Europe, causes and factors of their occurrence and the impact on national security. Examined the modern level of linguistic, cultural, political and religious orientations and preferences, regional identity and characteristics of the social behavior of the European region’s population. Grounded set of proposals on improving the prevention and elimination of the most significant hazards. The article’s first goal is to understand the causes of ethnic conflicts in Europe. Why some potential ethnical conflicts do not happen at all, while others can produce violence, warfare and, even, in some cases, genocide? Why some ethnic conflicts get resolved and others do not? One more goal is to find out how we can predict and, perhaps, prevent ethno-political warfare. The EU is trying to be successful in resolving these conflicts through legislation system of those countries where conflicts are most acute. Europe has many problem areas. The most developed countries – UK, Spain, Belgium and Denmark – have also some kind of ethnic instability inside which causes some kind of ethnic instability inside theirs countries. National governments are trying to solve ethno-political conflicts on their own. However, the spirit of nationalism, disobedience and personal freedom are very strong in these places. The local population is not going to give up in their aspiration for independence and, sometimes, calls for separatism. The article suggests some possible solutions for these conflicts where the government and local communities can be involved. In this article also describes possible effects that can be caused by European ethno-political conflicts. Anyway, the most dangerous consequences is spontaneous uncontrolled migration inside Europe and international terrorism.


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Author Biography

Mariana Sheketa, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

Postgraduate Student at the Department of International Relations


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