In the context of reforming local self-government, the issue of economic and administrative independence of territorial communities, where the financial potential plays a key role, becomes important. The paper substantiates that the financial potential plays a decisive role in ensuring the social welfare of the residents of the community and attracting funds from domestic and foreign investors. The purpose of the paper is to develop a methodology for assessing the financial potential of a united territorial community (in Ukrainian OTG) based on a taxonometric approach. The study of this issue was carried out in the following logical sequence: the information base of the study was formed, the indicators were normalized, the weight coefficients for each of the indicators were determined, the "reference" values of the indicators were calculated, and the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the financial potential of the territorial community was carried out. The use of the taxonometric approach to assessing the financial potential of territorial communities will make it possible to quantify the lag from the reference, which corresponds to the best values of each of the indicators under study. The resulting methodology can be practically valuable for local governments to determine the current financial capacity of the territorial community and to search for reserves to increase financial resources.

The survey was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and performed the results of the project «Development of scientific and methodological foundations and practical tools of financial policy of sustainable development of amalgamated hromadas» (registration number 0117U003935).


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Author Biographies

Anton Boyko, Sumy State University

D.Sc (Economics), Associate Professor, Economic Cybernetics Department

Victoria Bozhenko, Sumy State University

Ph.D (Economics), Associate Professor, Economic Cybernetics Department


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