In the article the development and dynamic growth of small, medium and large enterprises of different forms of ownership of the food industry is considered. It is established that this can be promote by implementation of new innovative technologies for the production of developed products containing natural components. These ingredients, in a unique combination, will have a health-enhancing character when daily consumed in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and overweight. Technological schemes of halva production with oilcake of oilseed flax and pumpkin candy are given. Generally, the proposed products are characterized by balanced fatty acid composition and high content of vitamins and minerals. They have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. Recipes for the production of wellness candies "Nastochka" and canned "Deary" and "Riddle of the Steppe" from pumpkin, as well as halva with oilcake of oilseed flax, are offered. The pumpkin varieties of large-fruited breeding of the Southern State Agricultural Research Station of the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (Kherson region, Ukraine) were used, namely Bilynka, Universal, Gray Ukrainian and promising Stepovy variety. In addition, the issue of the reuse of multi-ton waste oil and fat complex, which is the oilseed flax meal, is solved. Thus, attached to the production of the proposed products, manufactures receive new sales channels to trading networks with specialty wellness products, restaurants and hotel complexes as a tasty alternative to harmful to the human body products, compliments to tea or coffee and prevention of the aforementioned diseases.


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Author Biography

Nadiia Voievoda, Kherson State Agrarian University

Ph.D. (Engineering), Senior Lecturer of the Department of Food Engineering


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