The article is devoted to the problem of replenishing the public funds of a state from free economic zones. Positive aspects of these activities are researched: GDP growth dynamics, improvement of socio-economic indicators, setting up of the revenue part of public funds, etc. Attention is paid to both the successful and unsuccessful attempts of creating of the free economic zones. The review has been made of scientific and practical research on the activities of free zones, which were mainly focused on the private-legal aspects, including investment attractiveness, legal status of the subjects of activity of such zones, types of economic activity, etc. Additionally, the focus was made on the positive aspects of the functioning of the zones, however, there are cases of negative activities and this requires further research. In this article the author is analyzing the public-legal relations regarding the creation and functioning of free trade zones. In particular, the research is made regarding the mechanisms of filling up public funds from economically unattractive territories by setting up the sub-local tax jurisdictions with a special tax regime. Also, unsuccessful attempts to create the free trade zones have been analyzed.


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Author Biography

Yevhen Marynchak, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Ph.D., Financial Law Department


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