Observed the mastery of practical skills, as competencies for compiling OSСE (Objective structured clinical examination), by 6th year students and interns of various specialties in Odessa national medical university (Ukraine). Practical skills were performed on realistic simulation mannequins. The difference in outcomes was based on different learning conditions during the period of changing quarantine restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic in The Whole World. The results of observations were evaluated by the following parameters: time spent performing practical skills (in seconds) and the score (in marks) obtained by checklist. The final results testified a crucial part of the offline mode in mastering practical skills as competencies for compiling an Objective structured clinical examination, and the possibility of organizing theoretical learning processes in the online-form with obtaining certain positive results.


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Author Biographies

Mykhaylo Pervak, Odessa national medical university

Ph.D. (Medicine), Assistant of the Department of robotic and endoscopic surgery

Olha Yehorenko, Odessa national medical university

Assistant of the Department of robotic and endoscopic surgery


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