Editor in Chief: Shneider B.
Scientific Editor: Dr. McKaren A.

1. Kyrychenko М. - Rector of State Institution of Higher Education ''University of Educational Management'' National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Correspondent Member of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Attestation, Contest and Personnel Commission of University, Ukraine;
2. Jankauskas V. - Director of the Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre (LVJC), the president of European Association of Institutions of Non-formal Education of Children and Youth (EAICY), Republic of Lithuania;
3. Malinen S. - Rector of West Finland College, Republic of Finland.

Authors of the monograph:
Borshchenko V., Bukhovets B., Dikhtyarenko S., Dolinskyi В., Fasolia N., Galushko L., Gulbs O., Hasai Y., Kapinus N., Klymova V., Kobets O., Kovalenko O., Lavrut O., Malieieva O., Matsokina N., Meleshko L., Oliinyk O., Pischel O., Pogorelova O., Poul V., Salahub L., Sheredeka G., Shynhof I., Soldatenko M., Talbot C., Todorova V., Torba N., Tyshakova L., Yatsenko T., Zaritskyi O., Zavhorodnia N.

The monograph is devoted to the problem of development and functioning of postgraduate pedagogical education which is considered in the context of the general educational concept outlined as lifelong learning. The authors of the monograph identified the key issues that need to be addressed by solving this problem: theoretical principles of quality management of postgraduate education; theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of postgraduate pedagogical education, world trends in its development in a "crisis" society and a society of "knowledge"; organizational and pedagogical conditions for modeling the individual educational trajectory of teachers’ professional development; development and implementation of innovative technologies for teachers’ professional training and development.

The highlighted materials will be useful for representatives of the scientific and educational community.

Publisher: Primedia eLaunch LLC | ISBN: 978-1-63848-592-6

Published: 2021-06-01

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