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Ezhned , M., Horoshko , O., Zakharchuk , O., Sakhatska , I., & Matushchak , M. (2021). RESEARCH OF THE MARKET OF THE PHYTODRUGS BASED ON SILYBUM MARIANUM L. Збірник наукових праць SCIENTIA. вилучено із


Over the last decade, Ukraine has seen an annual increase in hepatobiliary system diseases morbidity of 20.1% and cause the reducing of life’s quality, efficiency, general disability and mortality. After analyzing the segment of phytodrugs based on Silybum marianum L. we found that drugs account for 58% of the total number of registered drugs, and dietary supplements - 42%. At the same time, drugs are presented both imported countries - manufacturers (21 names) and Ukrainian manufacturers - 14 names, while dietary supplements - only by domestic manufacturers.



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