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Ibragimova , F., & Sharipova , U. (2021). IMPACT OF THE INTERNET ON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Збірник наукових праць SCIENTIA. вилучено із


This article overviews major effects of the Internet on firms’ internationalization – not only those effects that are generally recognized, but also unresolved key issues. Taken together, the unresolved issues identified make up a research agenda for the study of international business development in the digital age of the 21st century. This overview includes a range of impacts of the Internet on the way in which international business is evolving. We focus on firms’ internationalization, with reference to aspects such as patterns of internationalization, mode effects, distributor relations and the role of language. We consider the effect of the Internet on the digitization of products, and thereby the way in which companies may be able to develop international operations, and the importance of intellectual property right regimes for patterns of international expansion.


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