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Sulaymanova , B., & Abdullayeva , B. (2022). DEVELOPMENT OF LANGUAGE COMPETENCE IN PRIMARY SCHOOLCHILDREN. Збірник наукових праць SCIENTIA. вилучено із


The problem of developing pupils’ coherent oral speech is becoming increasingly important in modern methods of primary education. First, it is because only developed coherent speech allows the child to communicate freely with others, thereby “including” it in the active process of communication. The effectiveness of communication depends on how accurately, clearly, concisely and appropriately, the child can express his or her thoughts in accordance with the specific speech situation. Secondly, it dictated by the increasing role of the spoken word in the cultural life of the country, since the most valuable nowadays is the ability to speak without preparation, spontaneously. Consequently, elementary school students need taught to build coherent oral statements in order to increase their communicative abilities.


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